Wildfires & Illness

The Pine Gulch fire on the Western Slope in Colorado

I’ve not been able to write the past few days due to illness. With the fires raging in my state and many others, the air quality has gotten so bad that I’ve been sick with a migraine/sinus problems and asthma. Last night when I let the dogs out, I could smell the smoke, thick in the air. The migraine medication I took causes other complications, which among other things instigated a fibromyalgia flair up. So this weekend has been dedicated to self-care and not beating myself up for not meeting the challenge of writing every day this month. Despite this, I plan to write for the rest of the month as much as I can.

The sunsets are apocalyptic in their beauty

I know there are a lot of people out there right now in tougher situations with these fires. Many have had to evacuate, some of have lost their homes. I’m fortunate in that I can seek shelter in my home right now. My love and intentions tonight go out to everyone having to deal with the fires all over the United States, in whatever capacity you are impacted.


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