Gardens & Dreams

This is the one I purchased because it was on sale.

Today, to prepare for the fall and winter, I decided to get a larger aerogarden (9 pods) so I can grow more stuff and have fresh tomatoes and lettuce all winter. I also want to have more herbs to dry as the holiday seasons roll around. If this works well, I think I’ll use this system in the summer too so I can use the space out doors for other things. I’m thinking the Lettuce Coop might make a better Strawberry Coop. I’m getting so many ideas for next year already!

Mugwort in the wild.

I also bought some mugwort tea today. I’m having a difficult time remembering my dreams in the morning as of late. This never used to be a problem for me. Writing down my dreams in the morning helps me to see what’s truly important to me or where my focus/energy is going. If I need to redirect or explore something further, my dreams will tell me. If I can remember them! I know mugwort and wormwood are both considered good aids for remembering dreams and even creating more lucid dreams. I will blog about my results with the mugwort tea after I’ve tried it for a few weeks.

If anyone else has any suggestions for remembering dreams, I’d like to hear them!


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