The Book of Revelation


The next installment of Cocktail Apocalypse takes an in-depth look at the Book of Revelation and examines the historical context as well as way the book was perceived over time. We’ll dive into what was happening in Rome at the time it was written, John of Patmos, the emperor Domitian, what Nero had to do with it all, and what was the Mark of the Beast anyway? Was all of this written for it’s own time, or is this a prophecy yet to be fulfilled?

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Next month we will examine the AI Apocalypse and the Singularity. Subscribers get to view it first. Hope to see you there!

St. John on Patmos, Hieronymus Bosch

Cocktail Apocalypse: Happy Hour at the End of the World

It’s been a long time since I posted. As John Lennon once sang, life is what happens when you’re making other plans. Last year I lost a lot of people in my life and this year I’ve had to go back to work full-time. But despite all that, I’m now collaborating with my good friends Nick Mather, who runs Rebel Spirit Radio, and Jeremy Anderson, of Kill-Divill:Rum & Cocktails, on a monthly live streamed podcast we lovingly call Cocktail Apocalypse: Happy Hour at the End of the World.

We had a fantastic start to the show, just coming up with what the term apocalypse means and topics we’d like to explore in the future. Take a look!

Next week’s topic will take a look at the Book of Revelations in the Christian Bible to discover the history and the text of this mysterious text.

Jeremy, Nick and I all graduated from the same master’s degree program in religious studies nearly 20 years ago now. My thesis work was in Christian Zionism and how it related to apocalypticism in the American political system. While I’ve moved on to study the Western esoteric tradition (Hermeticism, Gnoticism, and various pagan traditions) that has mostly been buried in the paradigm of Western monotheism, I’ve remained interested in the eschatological apocalyptic movements in current political systems.

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